Extend the Impact of Lead Generation Tactics 

Today’s marketers face tremendous challenges when it comes to getting the budget they need to impact their company’s sales goals. The marketing budget is often the first slashed when an organization reduces spend during periods of economic and global uncertainty.

When budgets are tight –and even when they’re not – a plan to maximize the value of every dollar spent on lead generation is always smart. For example, a marketer might have the opportunity to invest in a Webinar that is designed to fill the top of the funnel with new leads through registration. But once that Webinar is completed, it is often shelved in a digital library. While the marketer has received value from leads to nurture, they neglect opportunities to extend this value.

The marketers who engage us put that initial investment to work by turning it into thought leadership content syndicated on a reputable third party platform – our Online Buyer Communities. Our team use the Webinar as source material to create fresh and timely thought leadership content. The Webinar replay is also gated to fuel the top of funnel with additional sales leads.


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