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Senior Associate

Posted July 21, 2020

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Strategic Communications Group (Strategic) is looking for a Senior Associate who is a self-motivated, skillful writer, who is proficient in client management, and has 3-5 years of agency or journalism experience. Our new team member must be comfortable in a work-from-home (WFH) environment with strong time management and team communication skills.

Our work: We are a marketing agency that helps business-to-business technology, software, cybersecurity and professional services clients connect engagement to demand. The campaigns we develop incorporate content creation, social media, digital communications, and analytics. We’re fortunate to work with an exceptional group of clients. They are some of the most respected brands in technology, defense, and the public sector.

Our culture: Strategic offers a highly flexible work environment with our team working from home (or wherever you do your best work) the majority of the time. Even pre-pandemic. If you want to work from home, or a coffee shop, or one of our two offices in McLean, VA or Columbia, MD, you can decide what works best for you. We are proud to champion work-life balance as a core component of our unique culture. This allows us to find the right team members, not just the closest ones – our team is currently spread across the mid-Atlantic area from Norfolk, VA to Annapolis, MD.

Here is what we hope to find in you:

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We are looking for a multi-tasker who can work on several accounts simultaneously. The job is fast-paced and requires you to manage your time effectively.

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You’ll help our clients translate their story into content that customers, prospects, partners, and shareholders find informative and engaging. Journalism or a passion for writing is strongly preferred. Find examples of the finished product here.

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As a member of our team, you will engage and interact with some of the best corporate and field marketers in the industry. Your ability to provide them with valuable insights and sound counsel is paramount.

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Utilizing social media platforms and digital communications tools to share and promote content is a large part of the position. A baseline understanding of SEO and Google Analytics brings additional value.

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Because we are a family-friendly company and offer the ultimate in flexible work environment, there’s no need to commute to our offices unless there is a meeting or brainstorm. This also means you’ll need to be a self-starter who is comfortable communicating clearly and often with teammates.

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Strategic offers a competitive compensation plan and a comprehensive set of benefits including medical, dental, and vision. The compensation range for a Senior Associate position is $50k-55k, depending on years of experience.

If this interests you, please send your resume or your LinkedIn profile to Chelsea Barone at cbarone@gotostrategic.com. If you are absolutely sure that this position is a perfect fit for you, give Chelsea a call at 714-624-1260 and leave her a message.

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