Using Generative AI: A Creative Exploration of Communicating Brand Values


In a few short years, generative artificial intelligence (AI) has changed the ways we search for and share information, produce content, and communicate. This technology took off in 2022 with the release of ChatGPT, fueling an explosion of new large language models, text-to-image models, and other machine learning models. OpenAI, Google, Amazon, and others are rapidly developing new features for generative AI to generate creative and authoritative content. Strategic Communications Group started researching generative AI technology to advise our marketers and educate our readers, but we’re also using it to expand our own capabilities and convey our core brand values in novel ways. We’ve begun using ChatGPT and Midjourney to support—not replace—our writers and designers and enable them to tell unique and memorable stories quickly and effectively to engage our marketers’ target audiences.

Our marketers are often tasked with communicating their company’s values with a limited budget and even more limits on their time. They know the importance of visual storytelling, but stock image repositories don’t always have the perfect image to demonstrate what sets them apart. Generative AI’s rise to prominence provided a perfect opportunity for us to help them meet this need. We set out on a creative exploration, using the text-to-image model Midjourney to generate dynamic, compelling images to catch our audiences’ eyes. Here are some of our favorite results:

Prompt: “first person sitting down and viewing a vibrant psychedelic landscape with sunshine, rolling hills, peace tranquil, Zen, 4k, realism, –ar16:9”

We chose these prompts to showcase a variety of styles and compositions and tailored their descriptions, such as “peace” and “tranquil” in the above prompt, to evoke dramatic emotional imagery.

Prompt: “a dynamic realistic first-person view working on a computer in an office, the computer programs are jumping off of the screen and piling up on top of each other –ar 16:9”

Midjourney and other text-to-image models can generate images in all styles, but not all styles are ideal for marketers. Prompt elements like “realistic” and “4k” produce lifelike images of abstract concepts. The tag “—ar 16:9” ensures the pictures are generated with appropriate aspect ratios for our Online Buyer Communities.

Prompt: “a relaxed Zen office woman in a tranquil pointillism office, –ar 16:9”

Part of what makes images created by generative AI so powerful is their ability to create visuals and emotions that traditional photography can’t always capture. We included “surrealism,” “pointillism,” and other artistic styles in our prompts to create images that are bold, unique, and unexpected.

While we’re all at the beginning of our AI journeys, what we’ve learnt so far is that generative AI tools can be used to streamline workflows and deliver results that help marketers go beyond what traditional tools can deliver. Generative AI opens innovative new avenues for us to help our marketers do more with less and communicate brand values with unique images full of energy without breaking the bank.


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