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Our Products

Unique and easy-to-use technologies to scale your content campaigns.

Industry research reveals marketers often struggle to align their company’s content with success metrics related to prospect engagement, lead identification, account-based marketing, and, ultimately, revenue capture. Strategic Communications Group’s products allow you to address that challenge head on.

From content syndication and promotion, to analytics for prospect intelligence, you now have access to a set of effective, user-friendly, and inexpensive products that are all designed to amplify the impact of your company’s content portfolio.

Content Syndication

A fast and simple Web platform to share thought leadership content with buyers in high value business-to-business markets.
Oh yeah, and it is free to use.


A low-cost and efficient Web platform to identify buyer preferences and priorities based on content readership and engagement.

Online Buyer Communities

Content creation, syndication, and digital demand generation, including sales leads, account-based marketing, and prospect intelligence.

Access to high-value prospects in government, financial services, insurance, healthcare, education, retail, and marketing.

Dedicated account team.

There are fast, easy, and effective ways to garner more value from your company’s thought leadership.