McLean, VA, November 10, 2015Strategic Communications Group (Strategic) has been chosen by New Jersey-based enterprise cybersecurity and authentication solution provider, Authomate, Inc., to develop and execute on an integrated Web2Sales program. This Web2Sales program will support market positioning and thought leadership to help the company differentiate itself, while also accelerating the identification of sales ready leads.

Authomate’s solution provides true multi-factor authentication that is both extremely secure and simple to use, enabling both enterprises and consumers to better protect themselves and their data without adding unnecessary and infuriating steps to the log-in and authentication process.

As part of the Web2Sales campaign, Authomate and Strategic have launched Access Granted, an online community dedicated to providing readers with the latest cybersecurity and authentication news, trends and best practices.

Ryan Schradin, a director at Strategic, said, “Strategic has a solid track record of representing results-driven companies in exciting market segments. That’s definitely the case with Authomate. Our unique Web2Sales approach will enable Authomate to leverage its investments in content, search, social, SEO and digital communications for lead generation, prospect nurturing and deal capture.”

About Authomate

Authomate Inc. is a New Jersey based startup, led by a seasoned team with many years of experience in building and delivering world-class network security products and solutions. Authomate’s authentication platform provides true multi-factor security, delivering protection and convenience to consumers and more secure transaction capabilities for companies.

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About Strategic

Strategic Communications Group (Strategic) has expertise in an emerging segment of the market commonly referred to as Web2Sales. This is how organizations align their Web presence, content creation, social media engagement, search optimization, digital communications and CRM to more quickly identify and nurture sales ready leads.

Strategic’s clients include global brands such as Corporate Executive Board (CEB), Iron Bow Technologies, Juniper Networks, NetApp and Polycom, as well as fast growth companies like Authomate, DivvyCloud and ViiMed.

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