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Online Buyer Communities

Strategic Communications Group’s online buyer communities provide marketers with a targeted and low-cost digital platform for content creation, content syndication, digital demand generation, and buyer intelligence.

Working in high-value vertical markets, we publish quasi-journalistic editorial material sourced from your company’s content assets and, when appropriate, interviews with your subject matter experts. Everything is aligned with sales-related success metrics defined to deliver a meaningful and measurable return on investment.

You can learn more about our communities by clicking below.

Government Technology
Government Technology Insider brings together thought leaders who influence how local, state, and federal public sector agencies can meet the mission.
Healthcare Technology
Future Healthcare Today informs healthcare IT leaders how technology is enabling organizations like theirs adapt to a rapidly-changing industry.
Education Technology
Today’s Modern Educator explores today’s most pressing EdTech conversation whether they’re in the classroom or the digital campus.
Marketing Technology
Modern Marketing Today helps marketers make their brands standout in an information-saturated marketplace to connect engagement to demand.
Financial Technology
Financial Technology Today brings together experts in financial and insurance technology to discuss innovations in the field.
Retail Technology
Retail Technology Insider teaches customer experience leaders to leverage IT to turn prospects into customers and customers into brand advocates.
There are fast, easy, and effective ways to garner more value from your company’s thought leadership.